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Brooklyn book just popped up

October 22, 2000


— If any place can be called America's hometown, it's Brooklyn.

So many immigrants made that New York borough their first home that today, as many as one-fourth of Americans can trace their ancestry to current or former residents of Brooklyn.

So says Little Simon, publisher of "Brooklyn Pops Up: A Book of Brooklyn Icons" ($19,95), a children's book that adults can appreciate.

It was created by the Brooklyn Public Library and Movable Book Society to coincide with the exhibition "Brooklyn Pops Up: The History and Art of the Movable Book," on show at the library throughout 2000.

The book celebrates modern Brooklyn by depicting its symbols and landmarks in eight pop-ups, each designed by a different paper engineer.

A brownstone house folds out, complete with stoops, gardens, an oriel and rooftop clothesline. The towers and cables of the Brooklyn Bridge rise to span the East River as sailboats cruise below. The tempting tastes of Brooklyn an egg cream, Junior's cheesecake and Nathan's hot dog practically pop into your mouth. And Brooklyn's playground, Coney Island, comes complete with beach, bathers, boardwalk, the Cyclone and a spinning Wonder Wheel.

On Maurice Sendak's cover, a portrait of Brooklynite Walt Whitman pops out of a volume of his own works as it is being held by two youngsters dressed in grown-ups' clothes.

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