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Postal Service advises early mailings

October 19, 2000


— The Christmas and New Year holidays may seem far away, but folks sending packages to distant countries need to get things moving.

The U.S. Postal Service is urging that holiday parcels traveling by surface mail to Africa and the Middle East be sent by Oct. 27. Surface parcels bound for Asia and the Pacific Rim, Australia, New Zealand and Central and South America should be on their way by Nov. 3, the agency said.

The deadline is Nov. 6 for surface parcels bound for APO and FPO addresses. It's Nov. 11 for surface parcels to the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe, and Nov. 24 for Canada.

APO and FPO packages traveling space available should be sent by Nov. 27 and those going PAL by Dec. 4.

For civilian packages traveling by air the deadline is Dec. 4 for Africa and Central and South America. All other air packages should be sent by Dec. 11 except for Canada, where the deadline is Dec. 15.

Cards and letters should be sent by Dec. 4 for Africa and Central and South America and Dec. 15 for Canada.

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