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Poor placement

October 19, 2000


To the editor:

I found it is bad taste that in the Saturday edition the continued article about our soldiers being killed in the Middle East and local reaction to it was positioned next to a gigantic ad advertising Chippendale dancers being at Coyotes bar. It's so nice to read about a tragedy like this of men and women giving their lives in service while seeing a picture of half naked male dancers going to be dancing about without a care in the world.

If that wasn't bad enough, on the page with the article listing all of the victims, their rank etc., next to that was an ad from a local store with a tank and the words "War Declared On High Prices" across it. Does anyone pay attention to the layout of this newspaper or is it just slapped together in a hodgepodge of swill?

I would wager to say that I am not alone in thinking the display of these ads next to these stories was indisputedly bad taste and insensitive. In the future, think about the impact your entire newspaper will have on the reader if you want to have any readers in the future.

Cyndi Daniels


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