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Female artists issue ‘Curves’

October 19, 2000


Female musicians have always been a major part of music life in Lawrence, but now they are finally getting their due on disc.

A recently-released CD, "Curves," serves to celebrate the unique contribution that women are making within the Lawrence music scene. "Curves" features a veritable who's-who of local female musicians: Stephanie Hewett, Celia, Sheri Martin, Melineh Kurdian, Jen Brabac, Megan Hurt, Pamela Brunner, Maria Anthony, Kim Forehand, Ardys Ramberg, Tawni Freeland, Meg Hooper, The Talia Morales Trio and Sirens (a "supergroup" of sorts featuring Hewett, Kurdian, Celia, Brabac and Hurt).

Maria Anthony was recording tracks at Z'Gwon'th Studio to be used for her own release, "Thegither An'a'," (Scottish for "together and all") when she was asked to contribute a song to the project.

"I knew about half the musicians on there," Anthony explains. "It was basically produced to highlight Lawrence's women musicians."

"We're local musicians so we kind of know each other," says Sheri Martin, a Topeka-born Kansas University student who contributed a recently-recorded original song, "Falling," to the project. Martin, who plays steel string acoustic folk, is enthusiastic about the potential for female musicians in Lawrence, though the creative writing/Italian major doesn't consider herself among the ranks of the "professional" musicians here.

"There are several people that play weekly in Lawrence that are female, acoustic musicians. So that's kind of a specific genre. There's a lot of younger musicians coming up who are starting to get recognition. Some of us have more political slants than others, but 'Curves' is really about the love of the music."

A CD release party featuring a number of "Curves" artists will be held at Abe and Jakes Landing, 8 E. Sixth, this Thursday night. The concert is a free event.

"I'm really excited about it," enthuses Martin. "It's just this huge room, and the acoustics are really good. It's kind of a 'big' venue."

A benefit concert featuring several "Curves" artists, including Martin, Hewett, Hooper and Brabec, also will be held on Wednesday at The Granada. Proceeds from the show will benefit the local women's shelter.

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