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Floodplain decisions to wait

October 18, 2000


Lawrence city commissioners decided Tuesday they needed more information before they would make two decisions related to stormwater runoff.

They tabled an annexation and rezoning request for a property mostly in a floodplain north of Lawrence and decided to pay for a study of a drainage easement that affects some Lawrence back yards.

"I think there is strong sentiment on the commission to change the rules regarding projects in the floodplain," Commissioner David Dunfield said.

Dunfield said that a couple times a month the commission is asked to rule on or pay to correct stormwater or flooding problems created by past development decisions.

The annexation and rezoning request was brought by John Chaney, who is interested in developing the 5.6-acre property northeast of North Seventh and North streets.

Chaney had asked for the property to be rezoned from agricultural district to single-family residential.

Commissioners would like to see a preliminary plat first.

They also said they wanted to see an engineering study of a drainage easement behind homes in the 2100 block of Atchison Avenue before they decided how to address fences built within the easement.

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