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October 7, 2000



Mob vengeance feared after child killings

Mob attacks to avenge a spate of child killings have left three people dead and set off violent clashes with police, who are appealing to angry and frightened residents to stop taking justice into their own hands. Rioting broke out last weekend after the mutilated bodies of three girls aged between 5 and 10, were discovered in empty lots and waste dumps that run through a densely populated slum neighborhood on the east side of the Kenyan capital.

The enraged mobs who believe the child killings are the work of devil worshippers have killed three people they suspected of involvement in the deaths. A gang of youths on Sept. 30 attacked the headquarters of a religious sect they suspected to be devil worshippers and tried to kill the leader. But police intervened. Three days later, a man was beaten to death as he got off a bus with a young child who was crying. The man turned out to be her grandfather.


Vandals stage synagogue attack

Vandals attacked a synagogue Friday for the second time in days during Judaism's holiest time of the year, as a spiral of hate-fueled violence persisted despite condemnations by political leaders and Germany's reborn Jewish community.

The rock-throwing attack in Berlin's western Kreuzberg neighborhood followed the attempted firebombing of a synagogue in Duesseldorf on Monday night.

No one was injured in Friday's attack, which occurred in the early morning hours. Two of the synagogue's outer windows were broken, and one of the four small stones thrown at the building broke through a small piece of the multicolored stained glass beneath.


Priest sentenced for molestations

A French court sentenced a Catholic priest to 18 years in prison Friday for raping and molesting teen-agers and children entrusted to his care.

The Rev. Rene Bissey, 56, former abbot of Caen and Mondeville parishes in Normandy, had been formally charged in 1998 with raping and sexually abusing 11 young boys. He has confessed to the charges.

At the close of the five-day trial in Caen, Bissey asked his victims for forgiveness.

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