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Jayhawks popular on Web

October 7, 2000


Kansas basketball fans with Internet access might want to bookmark the site .

Ex-Jayhawks Danny Manning, Raef LaFrentz and Scot Pollard all have been featured prominently on the pro league's main site of late.

Manning, a 13-year veteran who is beginning his first season with the Utah Jazz, on Thursday took part in a chat on

LaFrentz, a third-year forward with the Denver Nuggets, is writing a daily diary on the Nuggets' home page.

Meanwhile, Scot Pollard, a fourth-year member of the Sacramento Kings, has a popular feature called "The Pollard Awards" on his squad's page.

Pollard awarded KU coach Roy Williams "best decision" of the summer for declining an offer to coach at North Carolina.

"Knowing the guy, it didn't really surprise me. Roy Williams ... the guy has character," Pollard writes. "There is no question in anybody's mind, including his own, that he's always grown up to think that he was going to be the head coach at North Carolina.

"That was his goal in life from when he was a young kid. The job came open for him and he stuck with his decision and his commitment to his players at Kansas. And you have to respect that about a guy.

"I was really happy he stayed because I was actually probably going to move from Lawrence where I keep my summer house. He's one of the reasons I go back because of the kind of players he recruits and guys I could talk to. A lot of former players live there in the summer or come back and visit in the summer. If he would have left, that wouldn't happen any more and the family kind of thing would have left with him."

Manning, like Pollard, lives in Lawrence in the offseason.

He was asked during the chat what he did during the summer. "I spend a lot of time with my family. I also play a lot of softball. Softball is my love. I have a team in Kansas. I play with all my buddies back home," Manning said.

Indeed, for many years, Manning has been a regular in Lawrence's summertime softball leagues. At 6-foot-11, he's a tall target at first base.

Of playing with John Stockton and Karl Malone on his new team, he said: "They have been the staple of Utah Jazz basketball a long time. You see their work ethic and desire and it rubs off on everyone."

LaFrentz, like everyone, is struggling through two-a-days. "My body's a little sore today, just from the tough practice yesterday," he said Friday. "We're seeing a new attitude with the coaches this year. It's a lot harder work. A lot more running. I think we'll get in shape a lot quicker, speaking from my experience last year."

Ex-Jayhawk Paul Pierce is making a rapid recovery from his recent stabbing, according to a report in the Boston Herald. Pierce dribbled and shot a few baskets at the end of practice Thursday. He also helped out in shooting drills by catching balls and passing them out to teammates waiting to launch three-pointers.

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