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It’s pid for it It’s PAID FOR It’s PAID FOR

October 7, 2000


To the editor:

There has been recent discussion about a branch of the public library being built or an existing building being used. A building which is already PAID FOR would be desirable.

The use of an existing building is the most favorable and I would suggest that since there is already one PAID FOR, and that is the former administration building for USD 497 on Clinton Parkway, that it be deeded to the city of Lawrence for this proposed library expansion.

The building which is PAID FOR already has adequate parking, meeting room space, proper toilet facilities, and is already set up to broadcast cable programs.

The facility which is PAID FOR could be used occasionally for a city commission meeting which would allow greater participation and interest from the west side of Lawrence.

The building is near new schools, both elementary and junior high, and is easily accessible from both Lawrence High and Free State. It is also near Brandon Woods retirement community and the building is PAID FOR.

The site for a potential new branch library has been PAID FOR by the taxpayers and can still be continued to be used without further expenditure from the taxpayers of Lawrence and Douglas County. No building would need to be rented or leased because the Clinton Parkway building is PAID FOR.

David Holroyd,


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