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Advance thanks

October 7, 2000


To the editor:

In response to Mike Ford's request to be commended for his part in the effort to delay the South Lawrence Trafficway, I say thanks. Thanks for helping perpetuate a traffic mess on 31st Street and on Haskell Avenue. Thanks, in advance, from all of the taxpayers who will be reaching deep in their pockets to pay for all these delays in the future when a bypass will cost much more. Your final thanks will be from all of the developers that you denigrate. Since 31st Street is not acceptable then when (not IF) the SLT is built, it likely will be south of the Wakarusa. The developers will love you for it as this allows far more room for development than the 31st Street alignment. Then you, and all the other "tree huggers" that you claim to support, may once again claim martyrdom.

Kevin Maxon,


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