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Open Spaces

October 1, 2000


To the editor:

I'm responding to an letter to the editor last week by Mr. Winn who thinks the government should step in and take away the decision from the people who are entitled to make it.

In today's society of SUV's, soccer moms, and urban sprawl creating a constant threat to our wildlife and their habitats, we need to cherish our vast open fields, what little of them are left. And to Mr. Winn, if you want efficient bypasses and highways to get you from Point A to Point B, move to Kansas City where you know no faces and Lawrence will reap the rewards of losing another person who doesn't want to protect her wildlife and small-town atmosphere.

I sincerely hope that HINU will not have to give up that land because I and the rest of Lawrence (excluding Mr. Winn) enjoy being able to look at such beauty and freedom among the wildlife at the Baker Wetlands.

Shawn Stoffer,


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