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Old Home Town - 25, 40, and 100 years ago today

October 1, 2000


IN 1975

Attorneys for Pam Fanshier, the 23-year-old Lawrence follower of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, withdrew her consent to a court-ordered schedule of mental tests in Great Bend. This raised the prospect of contempt of court action. Miss Fanshier's parents were trying to get her removed, deprogrammed, from the Unification Church sphere.

The Kansas Board of Regents was to discuss whether to allow beer sales in the Kansas Union at Kansas University.

IN 1960

Local officials had to prepare for a major "traffic headache" expected when more than 40,000 flocked to Kansas University's Memorial Stadium for the Kansas-Syracuse football game matching two top-five-rated clubs. Syracuse, the favorite for the nationally televised game, was rated No. 1 in the country and KU No. 5. Unfortunately, KU which had opened with wins over TCU and Kansas State had to settle for a 14-7 loss.

IN 1900

On Oct. 1, 1900, the Lawrence Journal, a pro-Republican newspaper, observed, "The most dastardly outrage of the campaign has been unearthed and exposed by the Kansas City Times. For cold blooded persecution, deliberate disfranchisement and inexcusable cruelty toward the democratic party, it is equaled by no other scheme before devised. The Times charges, and there seems to be truth in it, that republican mine owners of the Indian Territory are giving good jobs to democratic miners down there in order to get them out of Kansas and prevent them from voting for Bryan [Democratic candidate in 1900 for President]. No such outrage was ever heard of. In the first place, it is a crime on general principles at this time to give a man work to do. All men who are idle, either from necessity or choice, are presumed to be for Bryan. The man who has good work and good wages is naturally for McKinley [Republican candidate in 1900 for President]. Hence it is nothing less than a deliberate outrage for republican employers to give men work to do right on the eve of election, and it becomes doubly distilled damnation when the job is out of the state that the democrats are trying so hard to carry. It looks as though the republicans will stoop to anything in politics this yeareven to giving men work and wages in order to make them believe that there are such things under a republican administration."

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