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October 1, 2000


Laid-back artists

Couch potatoes, this exhibit is for you. Chicago officials are following up the immensely popular "Cows on Parade" public arts program with fiberglass sofas, chairs, ottomans and televisions, each decorated by an artist. The exhibition, called "Suite Home Chicago," is scheduled to run June 15 through October 2001. After it's over, the pieces will be auctioned off for charity.

Political sticker shock

You won't see as many political bumper stickers this election year. Bumper stickers are history, the St. Paul Pioneer Press says. "Back when they were more prevalent, you had bumper stickers and signs and parades, and those were the ways of communicating with voters," says Cortland Coleman, who runs an online political memorabilia store. "Now, you have personalized e-mail messages and targeted phone calls and neighborhood walkers." Also, observers theorize, with the strong economy, many people are buying new cars and don't want to clutter them up with stickers.

The eyes have it

Don't want to be a plain old witch again this Halloween? Then how about a witch with glowing red eyes? Think a cat costume is too boring? How about a cat costume with real cat eyes? Wesley Jessen, makers of WildEyes contact lenses, has a look that will spice up even the most ordinary costume. WildEyes lenses are available in nine shocking designs: red hot, white-out, wildfire, cat eye, hypnotica, alien, zoomin', knockout and icefire.

Herd on the street

Uncle Sam wants you if you want a wild horse or burro. The Bureau of Land Management is seeking new homes for thousands of the critters gathered from drought- and fire-stricken public lands. The agency is faced with placing nearly 4,000 mustangs and burros with adopters during the next few months.

Anyone over 18 may request information and an adoption application by writing to National Wild Horse and Burro Program, Box 12000, Reno, Nev. 89520-0006.

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