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Parties split on electoral change

November 20, 2000


Ninety-four Democratic electors, or 35 percent of the 267 Gore electors certified so far, wanted either reform or debate on the future of the Electoral College. Of 161 Democratic electors reached by the AP, that comes to 58 percent. Twenty-five of that group wanted to abolish the system entirely; 27 wanted to reform it. Just under a third, or 52, said keep it the way it is. Fifteen would not comment or had no opinion.

Republican electors, on the other hand, clearly stood on the other side of that argument. Of 181 Bush electors, only 14 had any doubts at all; only one of those suggested abolishing the system. A full 73 percent said the system works fine. Thirty-five electors had no comment or offered no opinion.

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