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Celebrities hooked on knitting, crochet

November 11, 2000


Knitting and crochet are enjoying a resurgence these days. There's evidence everywhere. According to the Globe, a Hollywood gossip rag, "a small circle of top actresses, including Cameron Diaz and Daryl Hannah, get together once a week to knit. The "grandmotherly" craft is a hot trend!"

Claire Daines and Julia Roberts are hooked, too; they frequent a yarn shop in Studio City, Calif. Even the super model Iman is knitting booties for her new baby. It's considered chic to wear a hand-made sweater and hip to be seen knitting in public. At a Knit-Out in New York's Union Square Park last year, more than 7,000 people gathered to knit.

The Craft Yarn Council, a nonprofit association that raises consumer awareness of craft yarns, states there are 30 million crocheters in the United States alone, and they're using even more yarn than the knitters! The council promotes teaching both of these crafts, especially to children who can benefit from the finger dexterity and direction-following that's involved.

There's also a growing number of programs and guilds across the country interested in the group between the ages 24-35.

"I think a lot of younger adults are discovering what core consumers have known all along: it's relaxing, friendly and creative," says Mary Colucci, communications director for the Craft Yarns Council.

It's also portable, and there are projects for every skill level. Cost doesn't seem to bother people; textural and hand-dyed yarns are popular and they are pricey.

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