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Site spawns magazine

November 5, 2000


A new travel magazine hits newsstands any day now: Expedia Travels, spawn of the Microsoft travel Web site Many travel magazines have set up Web sites, but this is the first time a travel Web site has led to a major magazine so deeply linked to the Internet.

A look at the first issue reveals a well-financed, glossy, wide-ranging, broad-appeal effort, and the editors have made it work very well. It's packed with a winning blend of useful and/or eye-catching stories on travel and the related subjects of food, wine, shopping and getting them all online.

Large parts of the magazine can be enjoyed regardless of whether you've ever set hand on a mouse. But for its main audience, those who do turn to the Internet for travel planning.

If the bimonthly magazine maintains the standards of the first issue, it will no doubt survive to become published monthly a year from now, as its publisher projects. Charter subscription rates are $9.97 for the first year, from the magazine's site at

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