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Political ad

November 5, 2000


To the editor:

Let me get this straight. (1) The Lawrence Journal World receives a politial ad attacking incumbent Democratic state representative, Barbara Ballard, from a source (KU fax machine) known to be illegal, (2) the LJW not only goes ahead and prints the ad at the request of the sender (KU professor, Robert McColl), but also, (3) reprints the vicious accusations from the political ad in a front page article reporting the incident! Boy, I'd say Dr. McColl got his money's worth in that ad! He may get a stiff fine for his part in this travesty (up to 100,000 times the nickel he expected), but what will the LJW suffer for its part? Too bad it's not illegal for a monopolistic newspaper to use their publication for political purpose by inserting political ads into their news reports...

Sharon Dewey,


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