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GOP appeals for Bush vote

November 5, 2000


— In the GOP's final pre-election radio address, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge told Americans on Saturday that presidential nominee George W. Bush is ready to usher in the "New Republican" era, with tolerance, public trust, and diversity as its core values.

"Under George Bush, the New Republican Party will protect Social Security," Ridge said in remarks taped Friday in Williamsport. "My mom, for one, depends on it. But she also wants it to be around for my children her grandchildren."

He also called for more accountability, higher standards and greater school choice in education, and said the GOP will push hard for tax relief.

"We'll reform the 'death tax' and finally end the marriage penalty. And we'll exempt 6 million working families from paying any federal income tax at all," Ridge said. "That's the New Republican approach: Leave no child, no senior citizen, no young worker, no taxpayer behind!"

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