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November 5, 2000



Life as millionaire considered comfortable, not wealthy

Everybody should be lucky enough to have such problems: A new survey finds many individuals with a net worth between $1 million and $4 million do not feel wealthy, but merely "comfortable."

And wealth, it seems, may always be just out of reach.

In 1,275 online interviews conducted with millionaires, respondents defined wealth as one or two financial steps above their existing net worth, according to Yankelovich Partners Inc., which conducted the survey for Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Co.

Just 9 percent of the high-net worth individuals described themselves as "wealthy." Forty-six percent said they feel "very comfortable" and 43 percent said they feel "comfortable."

Among other woes, these well-off individuals said they felt time-deprived and concerned about the potential harm their monetary success might have on the work ethics of their children.

When asked what it would take to feel wealthy, respondents replied: $5 million.


Privacy concerns raise need for plants, bookcases

The cubicle walls are coming down, but such opening-up of the work environment has some workers searching for a little more privacy.

"If you look at the way a lot of people are being set up at open workstations facing all different ways, and with cubicles that are not high anymore it's kind of hard to take your space and make it private," says Sharon Mann, the organizational guru at Esselte Corp. of Garden City, N.Y.

Aside from marketing the filing systems manufactured by Esselte, Mann frequently dispenses advice to executive assistants who purchase the company's products.

To better claim territory and feel more comfortable at the office, Mann suggests putting up plants, bookcases and personal mementos. But don't overload the work space with goofy trinkets and risk alienating coworkers or being taken less seriously.

Mann offers tips on general workplace politics through her "Ask Sharon" column at

Motley Fool

Name that company

Houston-based, I'm one of the world's premiere energy companies, with 1999 revenues of $40 billion and a market capitalization around $60 billion. I produce electricity and natural gas, and develop, construct and operate energy facilities worldwide, among other things. According to a recent Fortune article, in the past decade I've "fundamentally (altered) how billions of dollars' worth of power both gas and electric is bought, moved and sold, everywhere in the nation." My online commerce site, launched in late 1999, has processed more than $130 billion in transactions. I've entered new markets, trading electric power, pulp, paper and even broadband. Who am I?

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