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A true fan

November 5, 2000


To the editor:

After many years of supporting KU athletics, I consider myself a fan, but I need to have clarification of what the word really means to some people.

Does it mean I am a football fan when the team is 8-2 and going to a bowl? Or does it mean there is nothing I like more than being in Memorial Stadium on a Saturday afternoon, watching the coach and team come down the hill, playing their hardest and never giving up, even when they are behind in scoring and with only 26,000 in the stands?

Does it mean staying home and watching OU-NU play on TV and forgetting our team needs support and encouragement? I hear lots of excuses everything from the KUAD doesn't promote enough to it might rain, but those aren't valid reasons and won't do a thing for the team's morale or to help recruiting.

Then there is always "We're a basketball school." These are the same people who leave eight minutes early and don't want to come see Emporia or Washburn, but expect to be front and center for Mizzou and UCLA! They like to brag around the water cooler at work, but let us not win a national championship and they are ready to punt that program too!

Bottom line are we followers of KU sports, through the good AND lean years or are we fair weather fans who show up when we're winning? I for one will be there Nov. 11 to thank the seniors and encourage the underclassman to come back and try again next year, I'll stay to see Roy's Boys run off the court and I hope there will be a lot of others join me!

Peggy Showalter,


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