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Lousiana Street study on table

Lawrence City Comission

June 26, 2000


Bottom Line

Lawrence city commission will receive the updated traffic calming study for Louisiana Street between 17th and 31st streets. Wilson and Company Alternate Street Design, P.A., recommends the study be adopted and continuously updated.


Among the purposes of the study is the development of traffic calming techniques sensitive to the needs of pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles. It also tries to balance the traffic calming needs of the public with emergency response.

Other Business

Consent agenda

  • Review and approve minutes of various boards and commissions.
  • Approve all claims.
  • Approve drinking establishment license for Kokoro, 601 Kasold, Suite D-102 & 103; The Sandbar, 17 East 8th; Hereford House, 4931 W. 6th.
  • Approve appointments recommended by the mayor.

Bid, purchase items

  • Award bid for Project 84-S12-1299(C), 23rd and Alabama traffic signal improvements, to the low bidder, LRM Industries, Inc., for $317,046.39.
  • Award bid for ball diamond lights, Lyons Park, for Parks & Recreation Department, to the low bidder, Musco, for $129,095.
  • Award purchase from Bud Jennings Carpet One for carpet and tile purchase for the Police Department substation for $46,500.
  • Award bid for vehicle towing for the Police Department, to the low bidder, Transmasters, for $25.00.
  • Award bid for police uniform cleaning for the Police Department to the sole bidder, Scotch Fabric Care for $53,007.50.
  • Set bid date of July 11, 2000, for Project No. 9-SW1-299(S), Kasold Drive, Clinton Parkway to the SLT, Recreational Path Improvements.
  • Authorize City Manager to execute an agreement with Maxwell-Gable/Allstate Consultants for design/build for the Kaw Plant Carbon Feed System improvement project.
  • Adopt on first reading an ordinance allowing beer sales in Burcham Park on July 18, pursuant to Parks & Recreation rules.
  • Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance adopting the maximum special assessments for sanitary sewer improvements in the Western Hills neighborhood.
  • Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance allowing temporary sales and possession of cereal malt beverage at adult softball tournament at the City's Clinton Lake Sports Complex for September 1-3, 2000 conditioned upon State and City temporary licensing.
  • Adopt a resolution establishing July 25, 2000 as the date to conduct a hearing on the improvement of 7th Street between Comet and Monterey Way.
  • Adopt a resolution establishing July 25, 2000 as the date to conduct a hearing on the improvement of Comet Lane south of West 6th Street.
  • Authorize the mayor to execute certification to KDOT that all right-of-way and easements have been acquired along Riverridge Road, North Iowa to North Michigan, and that all the utilities in conflict with the proposed project have been relocated or arrangements been made to adjust these facilities.
  • Authorize city manager to execute an addendum to Project No. 80-TS3-1199(C), Barker Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study (which focused on Barker Avenue only) to include studying New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Learnard between 15th Street and 23rd Street. Additional data will be collected and recommendations made for traffic calming on these streets for the additional amount of $10,200.
  • Approve expenditure for the Lawrence Sesquicentennial Commission for $4,500 in 2000 and $5,500 in 2001 from Guest Tax Reserve Funds.
  • Approve 1998 write-off of receivables in the amount of $78,412.13 for 658 utility billing customers and $9,195.34 for 55 miscellaneous receivable accounts.
  • Authorize Mayor to sign a release of mortgage for Harold and Willie Stagg, 1511 E. 19th Street.
  • Receive staff report on school crosswalks.
  • Authorize mayor to sign agreements with Riverfront LLC and Lawrence Lodging LLC for amended ground lease at the Riverfront facility.

Regular agenda

  • Conduct public hearing on proposed Order of Vacation for drainage easement in Meadowlark Addition, 2019 East 26th.
  • Receive the recommendation from the ARC and approve the reinstatement of the tax abatement for API Foils and transfer of abatement from DCDI to API Foils.
  • Receive traffic study on K-10/East Hills Drive Intersection from KDOT.
  • Receive request from Hy-Vee, Inc., for amendment to development plan requirement that West Sixth Street Improvements (left turn lanes, deceleration lane) be installed prior to occupancy of Hy-Vee grocery store. Occupancy occurred on June 20, 2000. Requested new completion date is October 15, 2000.
  • Receive revised Louis-iana Traffic Calming Study.

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