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Gonzalez not in lineup, but not traded

June 26, 2000


— The Detroit Tigers are staying in town for another day, and Juan Gonzalez could be, too.

Gonzalez, who may soon be dealt to the New York Yankees, wasn't in the lineup and didn't play Sunday.

But it had nothing to do with a trade.

Gonzalez fouled a ball off his left ankle during Saturday night's game and was still hobbling around the Tigers' clubhouse following Sunday's 2-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians.

"See you guys tomorrow," Gonzalez told reporters after dressing.

The Yankees, Tigers and Gonzalez's agent, Jim Bronner, were negotiating Sunday, trying to determine if they could finalize the deal, according to a baseball official familiar with talks who spoke on the condition he not be identified.

The Yankees also were still talking with the Chicago Cubs about a possible trade for Sammy Sosa, the official said. The Cubs, according to a Yankees official speaking on the condition of anonymity, gave the Yankees several combinations of players they would accept for Sosa, and there have been back-and-forth talks.

The Cubs appear to have become impressed with Alex Graman, a left-hander from Indiana State taken by the Yankees on the third round in 1999.

Gonzalez said he expected to hear from his agent later, but had no idea if the talks had progressed.

"I don't know, I've been here," he said. "I don't know what's happening outside the ballpark."

New York and Detroit agreed Thursday to the tentative trade that would send outfielder Ricky Ledee, third base prospect Drew Henson and minor league pitcher Randy Keisler to Detroit for Gonzalez. However, they need Gonzalez's permission.

It was unclear if the original Sunday deadline to finalize the deal would be extended by the commissioner's office.

"It might be kind of funny when people see he's not in the lineup," Garner said before the game.

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