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June 24, 2000


Washington, D.C.

IBP recalls ground beef

IBP Inc., the nation's biggest beef processor, recalled 266,000 pounds of ground meat Friday that may be contaminated with the deadly bacteria E. coli O157:H7.

The beef was distributed to wholesalers, distributors and grocery stores in 25 states, including Kansas.

The beef was distributed in five and 10-pound packages. The meat shipped to wholesalers bears pack date "05/13/00" and code "245J00134" on the box. The packages inside the box bear a three-line code of: "EST 245J" on line one; "134 00" followed by "A" or "B" on line two; and one of the following descriptions on line three: "81 CHUCK," "81 GR BEEF," "73 GR BEEF," "SIRLOIN," "75 GR BEEF," "93 GR BEEF" or "86 ROUND."


Columbine helper gets prison term

The man who helped the Columbine gunmen buy one of the weapons they used to kill 12 students and a teacher was sentenced Friday to 4ars in prison.

Philip Joseph Duran, 23, pleaded guilty in May to providing a handgun to a juvenile and illegally possessing a sawed-off shotgun during target practice with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

"You are going to be serving a sentence to show the world the harm that can be caused," District Court Judge Thomas Woodford told Duran.

Duran, who had worked in a pizza shop with Harris and Klebold, introduced them to gun seller Mark Manes at a gun show three months before the April 20, 1999, rampage.

Manes sold Klebold and Harris a TEC-DC9 semiautomatic handgun. He was sentenced in November to a six-year prison term for providing the handgun to minors.


Aircraft collision leaves four dead

A Lear jet and a smaller airplane collided and crashed into a golf course community near Boca Raton, killing the three people aboard the jet and the pilot of the second craft.

No one on the ground was injured when the planes crashed in one heap and burned inside the gated Boca Grove Plantation community and on the adjoining golf course, said Paul Miller, spokesman for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department.

The Lear jet had just taken off from Boca Raton Airport when it apparently hit the second aircraft, an Extra 300 one-seater coming from Willis Flight Port in Boynton Beach, about 10 miles north.

The smaller plane's pilot apparently tried to jump from his aircraft after the collision, and his body was found wrapped in a parachute, Miller said.


Charges filed in census death

Criminal recklessness charges were filed against the owners of a pack of dogs that fatally mauled a census worker.

Wayne Newton and Joann Latvaitis, Nashville, were also charged with harboring a nonimmunized dog and possession of marijuana, Prosecutor James Oliver said Friday.

"I'm disappointed there weren't stronger charges available to us," he said.

Indiana law subjects animal owners to felony charges for deaths their animals cause while not properly contained, but not if the death happens on their property, Oliver said.

The body of 71-year-old Dorothy Stewart was found earlier this month outside a rural home where she had gone to survey the occupants. An autopsy determined she died after being attacked by as many as 20 dogs.

Residents of the house where Stewart was attacked had been cited for failing to restrain dogs three times since 1989, officials said. Her death led authorities to consider strengthening the county's animal-control ordinance.

New York

Civil War skull stolen from grave

The skull of a Civil War general known as an "evil genius" was stolen from his Rochester grave in a crime authorities believe may be part of a satanic ritual.

The remains of Gen. Elisha G. Marshall were dug up between 8 p.m. Tuesday and 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at the city's Mount Hope Cemetery, police said. Some bones were found near the grave site along with satanic symbols.

The grave-robbing occurred during the summer solstice the day with the longest period of sunshine. Police said they typically find evidence of satanic activities on that day.


Mother sentenced for caning child

A Korean immigrant has been sentenced to two years in prison for caning her teen-age stepdaughter for wearing loose blouses and torn jeans.

Young Lee, 42, a minister's wife from Lawrenceville, moaned and fell motionless at the defense table Thursday after Judge Homer Stark pronounced sentence. She was removed from the Gwinnett County courthouse on a stretcher.

A jury convicted Lee of child cruelty in April in the November 1998 beating of Hae Mi Lee, now 18. Photos displayed at trial showed dark welts and red stripes covering the girl's body.

More than 20 Korean immigrants had come to show support for Lee, saying she was practicing a traditional method of child discipline.

"If she had lived in this country long enough and learned this system, she would never do that," said the Rev. Michael Chang, a Salvation Army pastor.


Police disarm toddler with gun

A 2-year-old boy found wandering in a Spokane parking lot with a loaded handgun had to be disarmed by police.

The child was placed in foster care by the state Child Protective Services after the incident Wednesday at the La Casa Apartments.

The boy's mother was sleeping in a nearby apartment, police said. She told police she didn't know where the weapon came from.

Police said protective services officials had been at the apartment the day before and an investigation was continuing.

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