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State delegation awash in unsolicited T-shirts

July 31, 2000


— The Kansas delegation has so many Republican National Convention T-shirts that state GOP officials are almost begging people to take some off of their hands.

The white T-shirts were a gift from home sellers' and lenders' groups such as the National Association of Realtors and the Home Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

Ten big boxes of them, containing an estimated 1,000 shirts, were waiting for the Kansas GOP delegation when it set up an office at the Airport Marriott Hotel.

Kari Austin, the state Republicans' executive director, encouraged visitors to take as many shirts as they wanted.

"You don't have to consider these a gift if you take five or six of them off of our hands," she said.

Also waiting for the 35 delegates was a black canvass bag, stuffed with goodies, courtesy Verizon Communications.

It included a box of convention macaroni and cheese and what Austin saw as the topper, Convention Delegate Barbie. She wore a smart red suit.

Health problems will prevent House Majority Leader Kent Glasscock from attending the Republican National Convention.

Glasscock's office said Sunday that Glasscock was recuperating at his Manhattan home from bronchitis and that a doctor told Glasscock not to fly to Philadelphia.

Glasscock was one of 35 alternates in the Kansas delegation.

Calvin James, who will become a member of the Republican National Committee when the GOP's national convention ends, hates a proposal to make national committee members "superdelegates."

James, a delegate from Jewell, serves on the convention's Rules Committee, which has endorsed the proposal.

Some Republicans hate the idea because they think it is elitist. James dislikes it because the Democratic Party has superdelegates.

"That's one of the lines you could draw to separate Republicans from Democrats," he said Sunday.

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