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Time for payback

July 30, 2000


To the editor:

What goes around comes around, and doubts concerning the ultimate nature of justice might be dispelled now that the Delaware Indian tribe is lobbying to build a casino near Lawrence ("Tribe eyes area site for casino," JW 7-26).

After being swindled by the white man out of most of their property during the past 200 years, it's about time for a little payback. The success of their endeavor will have less to do with the moral questions involved in legalized gambling than in well-placed peace offerings (i.e. sufficient financial wampum to Chief Graves et al). I think that their mastering the art of civilized scalping should be applauded.

Just to demonstrate how proficient they have become in this modern form of competition, their spokesman claimed that "the casino would be more than blackjack, poker, slot machines and roulette, but that entertainers would be brought in from Branson, Mo." Citizens of Lawrence, defense is useless, give up the fight, we have been hung on our own petard! See you at the slots.

Ray Finch,


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