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July 30, 2000


If the glove fits . . .

Although your arms may look like frogs' legs while wearing these, Frog Pants are gloves, not pants. Water gardeners will appreciate the long sleeve that reaches past the elbow to keep their arms, hands and clothing dry while they work in wet environments.

The glove end is made of flexible PVC so your dexterity is not compromised. It has a seamless cotton lining that wicks perspiration and feels comfortable against the skin. The cotton lining also makes it easy to slip the glove on and off.

The sleeve is nylon reinforced and is heat-sealed to the glove. The open end of the sleeve is elasticized for comfort and adjustability. If the sleeve is extended to its full length, it reaches up past the elbow for plenty of protection.

The full-arm waterproof work gloves come in small, medium, large and extra-large, $24, including shipping. Available at garden stores, specialty shops. Made by Ultimate Goods, makers of Ultimate waterproof glove; Summer Glove with breathable back and palm/fingers dipped in latex; G3 shorter waterproof glove; and Hot Tamale cold-weather glove. Call (888) 880-1997;


Control Japanese beetles to avoid damage to prized ornamentals, including roses, plums and hazels. Contact and systemic insecticides are effective but are harmful to bees and other pollinators.

The beetles are sluggish in the morning, said Marc Aveni, Prince William County, Va., extension agent. Place a dropcloth under an infested plant and give the plant a good shake. The beetles then can be killed.

Loads of yucs

Yuccas are those spiky plants that you see at the beach, sporting a rosette of leaves and, in late spring, a tall stem with nodding clusters of off-white flowers. It is a conspicuous plant, useful for hot, dry sites.

Yucca specialists Mary and Gary Irish would like to see the yucca used not just as an accent plant but massed in the garden. "Massing of many of these plants highlights the spectacular stem and leaf forms, and increases the interest and sheer spectacle of the garden," they write in their new book "Agaves, Yuccas and Related Plants" (Timber Press, $34.95).

Whimsical ties

The company that brought us the Pumpkin Leaf Bag and the Crashing Witch door decoration for Halloween now brings us more fun in the yard and garden. Plant ties in the shapes of frogs, ducks and flamingoes are made of soft waterproof vinyl; they will not damage plants and are reusable.

Twisty Frog, like Twisty Duck and Twisty Flamingo, comes in a two-pack for $3 or $1.49 individually.

Available at Wal-Mart and other home and garden centers and hardware stores, as well as mail-order catalogs. To find a retailer, e-mail, call (203) 324-7550.

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