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July 16, 2000



Sikh's Golden Temple corroded by acid

The Golden Temple is losing its glitter. Acid fumes from factories are eating into the gold that covers the Sikhs' holiest shrine, a 240-year-old temple in Amritsar, in the northwestern state of Punjab. The shrine, which is located in a sacred lake called Amritsar, or "Pool of Nectar," is a stunning example of Sikh architecture.

Various fumes and dust particles in the atmosphere cling to dew drops that settle on the gold plating, said Gurbachan Singh Bachan, secretary of the Sikh Parliament that oversees Sikh shrines around the world.

"The dew evaporates and the acid material gets deposited on the gold plating and erodes it," Bachan said.


Garbage dump crash victims to file lawsuit

Residents of a squatter community crushed by the collapse of a mountain of garbage at Manila's biggest dump said Saturday they will sue the government.

At least 160 bodies have been recovered and about 150 others are still missing under the tons of rain-soaked garbage that crashed onto the shanties Monday, local officials said. Three groups representing the victims and their relatives, however, say 500 people remain unaccounted for.

The Payatas dump and one now closed called Smokey Mountain have long symbolized the Philippines' wrenching poverty. The squatters who leave nearby scavenge the dump for saleable material.


Exiled prince dies

Prince Tomislav Karadjordjevic, the brother of Yugoslavia's last monarch who spent much of his life in exile during communist rule but returned home in 1991, has died. He was 72.

Prince Tomislav died at the royal family's ancestral home of Oplenac, 40 miles south of Belgrade, where he has lived since returning to Yugoslavia shortly after the communist-era ban was lifted on members of the exiled dynasty.

The soft-spoken prince, brother of King Peter, fled with his family from Nazi forces at the outset of World War II. When the communists under President Josiz Broz took over after the war they abolished the monarchy, and the Karadjordjevic family remained in exile. Tomislav owned and ran a fruit farm in Sussex, England.

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