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The ‘X-men’ files

A who’s who

July 16, 2000


The X-Universe is way larger than any two-hour movie can contain. For those interested in investigating further, back issues are as near as your local comics specialty shop. Be sure to take lots of money. You might also want to take along this handy guide to the key X-people, both good and bad.

The good guys

  • Professor X: The founder of the X-Men. Charles Xavier's dream of peaceful co-existence between human and mutant is what first led this wheelchair-bound telepath to create a school where mutants can learn to use their powers.
  • Wolverine: He's short, hairy, ill-tempered and given to berserker rages. He has bones laced with adamantium (an unbreakable metal), enhanced physical senses and a mutant healing ability that allows him to quickly recover from any wound, poison or disease. Most importantly, Wolverine has foot-long adamantium claws that emerge from the backs of his hands and can cut through anything.
  • Cyclops: Scott Summers is the field leader of the X-Men. His eyes can fire deadly force beams that can smash tanks and shatter mountains. They are held in check only by his ruby quartz visor.
  • Storm: The co-captain of the X-Men. Ororo Monroe can manipulate the weather to fit her needs. For example, she can hurl lightning, fly on the wind or whip up an instant hurricane.
  • Gambit: Remy LeBeau is a witty scoundrel with a heart of gold. This master thief turned hero can charge objects (he usually uses playing cards) with kinetic energy that explodes on contact when thrown.
  • Rogue: A Southern belle with super-human strength and the ability to fly. She can't experience flesh-to-flesh contact since her primary power is an uncontrollable ability to steal another person's psyche with the slightest touch.
  • Jean Grey: Professor X's first student. She is blessed with powers of telekinesis and telepathy.
  • Colossus: Piotr Rasputin is a Russian-born mutant with the power to turn his skin into organic steel, making him impervious to most forms of bodily harm.
  • Nightcrawler: Kurt Wagner is a mutant from Germany. His skin is covered with indigo fur; he has a pointed tail, three fingers on each hand and the ability to teleport.
  • Beast: He's covered with thick blue fur that makes him look like his namesake, but beneath it is the mind of a articulate scholar and scientist. Dr. Henry McCoy possesses freakish strength and agility.

The bad guys

  • Magneto: Traumatized by horrors he witnessed while captive in Nazi concentration camps, Erik Lehnsherr has dedicated his life to making sure the same fate doesn't befall mutants. He controls metal, can manipulate a man by the iron content of his blood and has power over Earth's magnetic fields.
  • Sabretooth: Victor Creed has enhanced physical senses, razor-sharp talons and a healing ability that makes him invulnerable to any wound, poison or disease. He's driven by homicidal rages and a sheer love of killing.
  • Mystique: A clever shape-shifting mutant with an eye for power. She's also mother to Nightcrawler and stepmother to Rogue.
  • Toad: Loyal flunky and groveling sycophant with pudding where his spine should be. Like his namesake, he has great leaping ability and agility.

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