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Teen country music singer looks forward to building her career

July 16, 2000


With high school now behind her and college postponed for a few years 18-year-old Lila McCann is busy working on her third album. She has picked five songs so far.

Meanwhile, McCann has been reading Better Homes and Gardens magazine to get ready for a move into her own place in Santa Monica this summer.

"I've wanted to live there for a really long time. I just like the area, and it's a lot easier from a business standpoint to work out of there rather than Seattle," she said. "If I want to do TV or anything like that, it's right there."

Music is a priority, but McCann would also like to try acting or do voice-overs.

"If I'm good at it, I might pursue it. If I'm not, then it's no big deal. I've always wanted to do a Disney or any cartoon. I think that would be cool."

She has met "pretty much everybody in the country portion of music," said McCann, who began singing with her father's country music band when she was 4.

"It's cool to hang around with these people," she said. "At the Country Music Awards, 'N Sync was there and I met Lance Bass, and he came up to me and said he had my CD. I was, like, 'Whoa. That's kind of interesting.' It's pretty cool."

McCann has recorded two solo albums. She sang "To Get Me to You" on the "Hope Floats" soundtrack, and she performed on the "Manilow Country" TV special at the invitation of host Barry Manilow.

Her upcoming album will be her first on the new Warner-Asylum label.

"It's a real big deal," she said. "There were a lot of troubles at Asylum for the past year. It was really tough to do just about anything because the label that was housing them didn't want to support country any more.

"Things were kind of odd. I haven't made a video in a year. I think that this new record is hopefully going to be the one that sells a million. That'd be nice."

The new album will likely reflect a more mature McCann, no longer the perky kid with the glinting braces.

"I'm growing up," she said. "I'm not saying I'm like an adult completely yet 'cause I'm still a child somewhat. I've definitely changed a little bit and that's cool."

Her first two albums went gold. The 1997 CD "Lila" produced her first hit, "Down Came a Blackbird," and the bouncy "I Wanna Fall in Love." Last year's "Something in the Air" included the singles "With You" and her most recent hit "Crush."

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