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Old Home Town

July 16, 2000


IN 1975

Gov. Robert Bennett appointed Edward G. Bruske as secretary of the newly organized Kansas Department of Economic Development .

IN 1960

The local temperature fell to a record low of 60 degrees, erasing a reading of 62 10 years earlier.

Jerry Baker, a new Navy veteran and a former Kansas University football fullback under coach Chuck Mather, was named the new commander of the local American Legion post.

IN 1900

On July 16, 1900, the Lawrence World had an interesting article titled, "Something About Lawrence as a Wheat Market," written by J.D. Bowersock, owner and operator of a flour mill in the city. He noted questions being raised regarding prices paid here for wheat. Bowersock stated, "Lawrence has a steady, regular wheat market based on the shipping markets, every day in the year, and has had this steady market every day since I came to Lawrence, nearly a quarter of a century ago." Bowersock noted that a common question was, 'Why don't you pay as much as Ottawa?' to which his reply was 'Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't.' Also in favor of the Lawrence market, according to Bowersock, was that, "Every day, (except Sunday) for more than twenty years any man who brought wheat of any kind or quality, wet or dry, sound or unsound, could dispose of it at a fair market price in Lawrence." In contrast, Ottawa mills were comparatively small plants while, "Lawrence mills were and are merchant mills of comparatively large capacity."

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