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July 16, 2000



Energy workers pass lie detector

All 800 nuclear scientists and security workers at the Energy Department subjected to polygraph exams this year passed the lie detector exams, the agency's director of counterintelligence says.

About 20 percent of the employees showed physiological responses that indicated some "deception" when questioned about unauthorized contacts, Edward Curran told The Washington Post for a story in this morning's editions.

But Curran, a former FBI official, said all of those people passed the exam when given the opportunity to answer the question again after being allowed to explain a minor transgression or admit past conduct that might cause slight feelings of guilt.

"We have nobody who hasn't gotten through the test, which is a pretty ... good record," Curran told the newspaper. "These are not bank robbers or embezzlers. These are patriotic American citizens who already have (security) clearances you expect them to pass."


Broadcast signal may scramble VCR

Think you're going crazy because the clock on your VCR is never right? It may not be your fault.

A digital time stamp sent to televisions along with Fox Broadcasting's programming has been inserting West Coast time into video cassette recorders across the country, confusing an untold number of households for the past year, Fox spokesman Tom Tyrer acknowledged Friday.

Fox's Los Angeles network center turned off its time-stamp signal, which sets the clocks on VCRs fitted with an auto-time set feature, on Thursday after the San Jose Mercury News inquired about the mismatched times. Affiliate stations are supposed to adjust the signals to local times before relaying them to televisions and VCRs. For some reason, that wasn't happening at Fox, Tyrer said.


Railroad killer victim found

Convicted serial killer Angel Maturino Resendiz led authorities Saturday to the skeletal remains of a teen-age girl, a day after admitting to authorities he killed her and her traveling companion three years ago.

Resendiz, 39, told Marion County Sheriff's detectives during an interview in Texas that he killed Jesse Howell, 19, with a railroad air brake coupling and that he strangled Wendy Von Huben, 16, about eight hours later.

Howell's body was found on March 23, 1997, on tracks running through Belleview a central Florida town about halfway between Tampa and Jacksonville. Saturday, a search team following Resendiz's directions found skeletal remains wrapped in a blanket and camouflage jacket about 15 miles to the south.

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