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What’s a good laptop connection?

Technology Q&A with Lou Dolinar

July 10, 2000


Q: I'm going to college this fall and am taking a laptop computer. I didn't buy it yet, but I'm thinking of getting one for $949 -- the KDS brand at

I will be using it primarily for Internet access, word processing and light programming. However, the school has an Ethernet connection in each room. What type of connection should I look for in the notebook that will connect to the Ethernet offered?

A: The KDS unit has a pair of Type II Cards slots, which is the standard for this kind of stuff on laptops. You need a compatible Ethernet adapter; odds are it will be a 10/100 Base-T model, which should set you back about 70 bucks. Just check that the school's not using something goofy like fiber or coax in your dorm room.

Q: Who do you use for your domain redirector? I was thinking of getting a top-level domain and having it bounce to my AOL site.

A: For those of you who have just joined this discussion, a domain name redirector is a service that a) registers your domain name and b) forwards it to any Web site you want. Thus if you type in my domain name,, you are redirected to my Web site at Verio. Mail sent to is bounced to my new mailbox with Bell Atlantic DSL.

Anyway, I use an outfit called Namesecure, largely because I've been using them for years, they're reliable, and I've been too lazy to shop around for a better deal than $70 per year. But this whole business of name registration and redirection has grown awfully competitive lately, so you might want to run a Yahoo search on "domain name registration" and check some prices yourself.

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