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Old Home Town

July 10, 2000


IN 1975

The city was getting praise for the new indoor recreation facility to be built at Holcom Park, approved in a recent bond issue. Now the pressure was on for equivalent facilities in both East and North Lawrence. There were no immediate plans for such, however, city officials said.

Baldwin got 1.5 inches of rain to break its dry spell, but the Lawrence rainfall figure was only .06 of in inch. Officials said rains were needed soon to benefit crops in time for good harvests.

IN 1960

The Soviet Union announced it had shot down an American RB-47 reconnaissance plane over Soviet territory and that two crewmen who parachuted to safety were being held and questioned. One was Lt. John R. McKone, 28, formerly of Tonganoxie.

Lawrence attorney Robert Ellsworth, Republican candidate for the U.S. House from the Kansas 2nd District that included Douglas County, was campaigning in the area, speaking in all the major cities of his region.

IN 1900

On July 10, 1900, the Lawrence World editorialized: "It is not surprising that men are marrying women older than themselves more and more each year. The fact is the more sensible men become the more they choose their life partners from a scientific and sensible standpoint. The frivolous young thing is all right in her place but she will have to wait awhile before becoming a matron and in the meantime older women are being taken in their stead. Marriage is a serious matter and it should never be contracted hastily. A man wants a wife who is his equal not a mere plaything to be petted and humored. Women have their part of the work to do and when both of the contracting parties realize the solemnity of the occasion unhappy marriages will be so scarce that divorce courts will go out of business."

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