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Heinz squirts green, fun into new ketchup bottles

July 10, 2000


— In an uncertain world, there always seemed to be a few things you could count on: the sky being blue, grass growing green and ketchup pouring out red.

But the world seems a little less certain today after a jolt from Heinz: The company is introducing green ketchup.

"Green is going to be a shocker for a lot of adults. But kids don't have those hangups," said Casey Keller, the point man on a push to reintroduce ketchup as a hip part of meals for H.J. Heinz Co.

The green ketchup tastes just like the red stuff, even if it is the color of spinach. Company executives are hoping its unexpected color and plastic bottle, which squirts a stream so thin kids can draw with it, will pack in the fans.

"The core idea is to give kids more control and fun over their food," Keller said. "Kids do, after all, eat more than half of all ketchup in the United States."

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