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Frightened pets

July 7, 2000


To the editor:

The Fourth of July served as a sad reminder to many pet owners that pets should always wear collars and current tags. Many dogs and cats in our community ran away from home last weekend due to the sound of the fireworks; some of them will not find their way home. The shelter is overflowing with dogs and cats who might be at home right now had they been wearing a collar and identification. If you are missing an animal, please visit the Lawrence Humane Society at 1805 E 19th.

We hope you'll take this opportunity to make sure your dogs and cats are wearing a secure collar and tags. If you need a tag and cannot afford one, the Lawrence Humane Society will provide one. Your dogs and cats will love you for protecting them!

Amy Tramill,

public relations coordinator,

Lawrence Humane Society.

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