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Turney expected to be president

Lawrence School Board

July 5, 2000


Bottom Line

Austin Turney is expected to replace James Hilliard as president of the Lawrence school board.

Tradition dictates board members assume the presidency based on votes received in previous elections. In 1997, Hilliard outpolled Turney. Hilliard took his turn as president in 1999-2000. It's time for Turney to preside at board meetings and represent the board in the community.

"I think we'll have a very interesting year," Turney said.


Based on school board tradition, Sue Morgan would become vice president. She was the top vote-getter in the 1999 election.

In that role, Morgan would take charge in Turney's absence.

She also would assume the presidency in 2001-2002. Board member Scott Morgan would become vice president because he finished second in last year's election.

Other Business

  • Consider reorganizing the board by electing a president and vice president.
  • Consider appointment of Jan Leines as board clerk and Kathy Johnson as district treasurer.
  • Consider adopting a meeting calendar, setting July 24, Aug. 14 and 28, Sept. 11 and 25, Oct. 9 and 23, Nov. 6 and 20, Dec. 4 and 18 as meeting dates.
  • Consider designating the Lawrence Journal-World as the official newspaper for the district.
  • Consider retaining Peter Curran as the board's legal counsel. He requested a rate increase to $95 per hour in 2000-2001. That would be an increase of $10 per hour.
  • Consider designating 14 banks and savings associations -- four more than the current year -- as official depositories of district funds.
  • Consider appointing district representatives of federal programs, attendance officers and Kansas Public Employees Retirement System.
  • Consider naming the school board president as representative to the Kansas Association of School Board's governmental relations network.
  • Consider waiving, as allowed by law, Generally Accepted Accounting Principals and fixed-asset accounting requirements to permit the district's cash-basis statements to relate better to state budget documents.
  • Consider adopting a 1,116-hour school plan, which is composed of 186, six-hour school days.
  • Consider approving administrative staff adjustments requested by Interim Supt. Randy Weseman.
  • Consider adopting a new list of personnel authorized to sign bank statements at Firstar Bank of Lawrence.
  • Consider adopting of memorandum of agreement with Kansas Bureau of Investigation regarding fingerprinting of district staff.
  • Consider accepting a bid from Anderson Erickson for carton milk for 2000-2001 school year with the following prices: chocolate skim, 13.5 cents; 2 percent white, 13.9 cents; skim white, 12.7 percent; and whole white, 15.1 cents.
  • Consider endorsing a $13,824 contract with Kansas Building Systems of Topeka to install additional exits for chemistry classrooms at Lawrence High School.
  • Consider accepting a $15,914 contract with a new vendor,, for electronic periodical services used by junior high and high school students.
  • Consider adopting a $16,410 contract with SIRS Discoverer Online Subscription to provide "kid-friendly" research services to students in kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Consider signing a $33,870 contract with eduTrax Inc. for software to help with the purchase, inventory, dissemination and tracking of textbooks. The annual support fee after the first year would be $3,500, based on use at 25 sites.
  • Consider adopting an $8,912 contract for music curriculum materials.
  • Consider adopting a $59,735 contract with William Swanson Co. of Shawnee for toilet partitions in restrooms and dressing rooms at West Junior High School and Pinckney, New York, East Heights, Broken Arrow and Deerfield elementary schools.
  • Consider accepting a $219,450 contract to purchase 190 Microtech Computers, with a per-unit cost of $1,155. Recipient schools: Langston Hughes School, 52 computers; Lawrence High School, 65; Free State High School, 15; Deerfield School, 25; LHS Annex, 25.
  • Consider adopting a telephone system for Langston Hughes School, which is scheduled to open next month.
  • Consider approving a $39,165 contract with Dunbar Trucking & Excavating Ic. and Rinner Construction Inc. for a service drive at Prairie Park School.
  • Consider accepting a $21,015 contract with Dunbar Trucking & Excavating Inc. and LRM Industries Inc. to build a road for fire department vehicle access at Prairie Park School.
  • Consider approving a $16,580 contract with Trane Service of Mid-America in Lenexa to maintain chillers at Pinckney and Quail Run schools; Southwest, Central and South junior highs; and LHS.
  • Convene an executive session to consult with an attorney on a matter the board believes is protected by attorney-client privilege.

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