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December 20, 2000


New Jersey

Policemen convicted in suspect's death

A federal jury convicted five policemen from the town of Orange of civil rights violations Tuesday in the beating of a man they wrongly arrested on suspicion of murdering a fellow officer. The victim died in police custody after suffering an asthma attack. The officers were found guilty of punching and kicking Earl Faison while he was handcuffed.

They were not charged in Faison's death. Medical experts said his death was due to the asthma attack. Prosecutors contended the attack was worsened by pepper spray shot in his face.


Cadet accused of drug sales

An Air Force Academy cadet has been charged with dealing LSD and Ecstasy, and nine other cadets are being investigated. Military prosecutors allege Senior Cadet Stephen Daniel Pouncey also used LSD, Ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine, academy spokesman Neil Talbott said Monday. Pouncey was to appear in military court Thursday. If found guilty, he faces up to 55 years in prison and dismissal from the Air Force. Pouncey continues to be a cadet and is taking his final exams, which end today, Talbott said.


Morgue workers charged with robbing the dead

Sixteen people, including 10 city morgue workers, were charged Tuesday with stealing credit cards, driver's licenses, cash and guns from the dead. The defendants used the credit cards to buy at least $90,000 in televisions, computers and other merchandise, U.S. Atty. Michael Stiles said.

In one of the most "goulish and macabre" thefts, as described by Dist. Atty. Lynne Abraham, a former employee in the medical examiner's office stole about $800 in change that was kept in glass jars in the basement of one of the deceased. The man allegedly loaded the coins into body bags to carry out of the house, spilling change in a trail leading out of the house.

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