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Teacher’s reality

December 12, 2000


To the editor:

As a current public school educator I can tell you that Catherine Waller's letter (Nov. 26) impacted me. Using her formula for the purchase of a home, I found that I am living that reality. After teaching 20 years in this state, my salary is $36,600.

Fortunately, I was able to purchase my home in Lawrence two years ago for $72,000. That's the good news. Mrs. Waller struck the nail on the head when she asked, "Have you seen what $75,000 will purchase in this town?" The bad news is, "Yes, I have." For the winter, I have plastic on the outside of some of my windows and plastic on the inside of others. My two bedrooms upstairs do not have heat.

Please understand that this is not a letter of complaint about my salary or living conditions. It simply supports what Catherine Waller so eloquently wrote. I will continue to teach for nine years. At that time my youngest child will have completed high school. I will be able to pursue a second career that will perhaps provide me the means to heat my entire home.

Deena L. Burnett,


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