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Old Home Town - 25 and 100 years ago today

December 12, 2000


In 1975 - Kansas University's investigation into the disruption of a KU visit by scientist William Shockley had been completed but what disciplinary action had been taken and against whom was not to be made public, KU officials said. They adhered to a student privacy provision. Shockley, whose views on racial matters were highly controversial, had not been allowed to speak to a local group on Nov. 13 due to hecklers and harassment.

In 1900 - On Dec. 12, 1900, the Lawrence Journal had a letter from Congressman J. D. Bowersock regarding his wardrobe. A recent item in the Wichita Eagle had stated that this Lawrence politician "puts on all the style for the Kansas delegation at Washington." Bowersock stated 'I regret that even in Wichita, sedate, conservative Wichita; Wichita where exaggeration and high colors are unknown; Wichita the peerless exemplar of all that is modest, unostentatious, accurate and veracious; any one could be found who would intimate that I would lay aside Massachusetts street styles for the effete productions of Pennsylvania avenue. I refuse to desert the mode and fashion of the vigorous, progressive and untrammeled west."

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