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December 12, 2000


Washington, D.C.

Education Department settles bias case

Black employees denied promotions in the Education Department won $4 million from the government to settle a 9-year-old federal discrimination case, the workers' lawyers said Monday.

Some 1,100 black upper-level employees filed the class-action suit in 1991, saying vague job postings and arbitrary decisions shut them out of top-level promotions in the 3,600-person department headquarters.

The agreement also calls for the department to grant 34 promotions and make policy changes that include extending how long jobs are posted and writing clear, specific job descriptions. The plaintiffs suggested that the department used vague descriptions to prevent unwanted applicants from arguing that they met specific job requirements.


Smith & Wesson aims for safer guns

Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest gunmaker, agreed Monday to set aside 2 percent of nationwide firearms sales to develop safer guns and to make it impossible for the average 5-year-old to pull the trigger of one of its weapons.

The agreement with the city of Boston mirrors one the company reached in March with the Clinton administration and some other states and cities. It promises external gun locks on new production and internal locks within two years.

Some 190 municipalities have sued gun companies in recent years seeking damages for gun violence.

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