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Jayhawks back to winning ways: KU: 75, DePaul 69

December 12, 2000


Perhaps Roy Williams was trying to light a fire under his team. Perhaps he was just angry. Either way, he registered his first technical foul in quite some time when he questioned the awarding of the ball to DePaul on an out-of-bounds, when it seemed DePaul knocked it out in the first place.

As has been the Jayhawks' pattern recently, the game got off to a slow start, with neither team wanting to exploit an advantage. The Blue Demons gradually pulled ahead, taking a nine-point lead into halftime.

Uncharacteristicly, the Jayhawks racked up 17 first-half fouls, and committed eight turnovers to DePaul's three.

The second half saw the return of the Jayhawks that beat UCLA and St. John's. With a second half run of 21-7, later growing to 32-13, KU took the lead and kept stretching it.

Drew Gooden, Nick Collison, Eric Chneowith, Jeff Boschee and Kirk Hinrich played the entire second half, the only substitution being Jeff Carey for Chenowith nearly halfway through the half. Chenowith returned with about three minutes to play, only to foul out with 2:13 to play. Mario Kinsey was the only other Jayhawk to see second-half action.

Nick Collison led the Jayhawks with 23 points. Gooden scored 15, Hinrich added 14 and Chenowith had 13.

Another vast improvement for KU was at the free throw line, where they went 24 for 29.

See tomorrow's Lawrence Journal-World, and for full coverage of tonight's game.

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