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December 9, 2000


To the editor:

Should there be a HEARING or an AUDIT???

What is going on with the county? The Journal-World of Nov. 28 reports that the county has not billed two benefit districts for work completed almost four years ago!

We are not talking two or three thousand dollars. According to the news article, the two amounts total $345,202.

How could any business "forget" to bill over a third of a million dollars?

Commissioner Nieder is quoted as saying, "residents shouldn't have to pay any back interest." Now that is a slick form of tax abatement!

Maybe the commissioners, present and past, the county administrator and all responsible parties should be paying the back interest!

When you go to pay your first half of real estate taxes on Dec. 20 inquire as to whether they can be deferred for four years and be exempt from "interest."

So, there is a public hearing on Dec. 11 to decide what? I would suspect that the parties owing the money want to pay the money due over 10 years without interest.

The public hearing would be more appropriate to find out who was responsible for "shelving the bills." Or maybe it should really be a public hearing on the raise that some county commissioners have proposed to give themselves and the incoming commissioners!

The county commission should not only address collection of this 1/3 million dollar debt, but also the collection of the back personal property taxes which are being carried on county records and some taxes are still being shown as far back as 1980. According to records from the treasurer's office dated Sept. 29, 2000, the total from 1980 through 1998 for outstanding personal property taxes (including interest and fees and less payments) comes to $1,275,844.49. The outstanding amount according to the Journal-World legal notice of Oct. 17, 2000, for personal property tax for 1999 was $345,520.92.

Now those two amounts $1,275,844.49 and $345,520.92 and the monies owed from the benefit districts ($345,202 uncollected for almost four years!) comes to $1,967,567.41 ALMOST 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!

The county commission needs to start collection!! The county commission does not need a raise!!

David Holroyd,


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