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Dangerous party

December 5, 2000


To the editor:

The LJW of Nov. 23 reported the final Douglas County vote totals for the 2000 general election. Per my calculations (which of course may be fuzzy), I came up with the following: Gore received about 55 percent of the vote in Lawrence, and 52 percent of the vote in our county. Dennis Moore received about 60 percent of the vote in the county.

As an LJW subscriber, I am reminded almost daily of the incredible danger which any member of the opposite party (the one to which Gore and Moore belong) poses to the very well-being of our nation. As we all know, that party is made up exclusively of immoral left-leaning liberal lunatics. After all, Cal Thomas tells us that in every column he writes, and Cal wouldn't tell a lie, would he? It is of great comfort to know that our newspaper will continue to give us a balanced view, and will assist us in finding the real truth.

Piet R. Knetsch,


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