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December 1, 2000



Egg cartons to contain health warning

Egg cartons will soon bear new safety warnings designed to help Americans avoid food poisoning. Eggs can be infected with salmonella, a type of bacteria that cooks can avoid if only they handled eggs safely. So the Food and Drug Administration ordered Thursday that all egg cartons bear the following warning:

"To prevent illness from bacteria: Keep eggs refrigerated, cook eggs until yolks are firm, and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly."

Safety experts have long warned that eating raw eggs anything from undercooking breakfast to nibbling raw cookie dough can cause food poisoning.

New Mexico

Trash heap dug up looking for secret tapes

Scientist Wen Ho Lee says he discarded 17 computer tapes full of nuclear weapons data at Los Alamos National Laboratory, according to a source familiar with the case. FBI agents are combing the muddy, snowy Los Alamos County landfill where lab trash is buried, saying the search could last weeks.

Agents won't confirm they're looking for the discarded tapes in the landfill, but if the pocket-sized computer cartridges Lee downloaded in the lab's top-secret X Division were thrown into the trash, the 50-acre dump is a likely place where they ended up.

Lee has been undergoing closed debriefings in which he promised, as a condition of a plea agreement that won his release in September, to tell agents what happened to the tapes. The source would provide no details of Lee's disclosures.


Marines confident of Osprey approval

The Marine Corps' top officer said Thursday that he expects the Defense Department to give the go-ahead soon for starting full-scale production of the MV-22 Osprey, a hybrid helicopter-airplane. The Marines are counting on the new aircraft to replace their Vietnam-era fleet of transport helicopters.

"I'm confident it should be approved, and I've seen nothing to lead me to believe that it won't," Gen. James Jones, commandant of the Marine Corps, said.

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