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Zoning Issue

August 31, 2000


To the editor:

Whoop, whoop, whoop! We seem to be talking about apples and oranges, and getting students all riled up when we bring up the subject of how many individuals should occupy a "single-family dwelling." (See the On the Street question for Monday: "Should four unrelated people be able to live in the same house?")

That's not the issue here. There are many neighborhoods currenly zoned for "MULTI-family dwellings". There is no prejudice against students or unrelated people in this wonderful college town.

The issue, pure and simple, is whether homes designated and zoned for SINGLE families (RS1 and RS2) should house more than TWO unrelated persons or FAMILIES!

Check the zoning in your area. If you are zoned for a "single family," how many "unrelated" persons do you want to have living next door? What will it do to your property values. Speak up when the city commission takes up this issue. It affects all of us.

Mary-Elizabeth and

Andrew Debicki,


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