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Traffic frustration

August 31, 2000


To the editor:

This letter to the editor is concerning the casino that may be built somewhere in Grant Township. I guess I am just a little confused here. I thought that we as a community were dead-set on saving and maintaining our precious, wonderful land here in Douglas County. Now I don't understand why it would be all right for us to build a casino north of Lawrence, God knows that's what we need, but it is not OK to put a very badly need highway across a nasty looking, manmade swamp on the south side of town?

I am in and around Grant Township all day, and if traffic is backed up up now at Teepee Junction, just wait 'til the casino goes in and the new speedway and the additions to the airport. But I would imagine that if a casino was going to go in, we would probably see a greatly needed stoplight at the intersection, but us regular old citizens didn't really need one.

Well, I just wanted to vent my confusion publicly, all we need is another attraction in the area without any roads/highways to get there. And by the way, I see a lot more wildlife in Grant Township then I ever have in the wetlands. All I'm saying is maybe we should concentrate on our traffic problems now, and then deal with adding needless attractions here in Douglas County.

Matt Withers,


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