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Tid Bits

August 30, 2000


Hot off the press

Some like it hot, but most of you don't. So says Taco Bell, which reports that it goes through 5.2 billion packets of hot sauce a year. About 2.6 billion of those are "Mild," 1.8 billion are medium spicy "Hot," and 800 million are five-alarm, gimme-some-water "Fire," Taco Bell tells USA Weekend. Something that may comfort you while your eyes are tearing and the roof of your mouth is melting: Canadian researchers found that spicy foods sped up the body's metabolism about 30 percent. Which means hot food may help you burn off flab.

Indispensable robots

This vending machine's M&Ms; melt in your mouth, not in your robot's hand. Students in the electricity-electronics program at York Technical College in Rock Hill, S.C., have designed and built a candy machine that uses a robot to hand the customer a paper cup of plain, peanut or crispy M&M; chocolate candies. There are no immediate plans to market it.

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