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Alcohol trash

August 30, 2000


To the editor:

"We want to reduce alcoholism" was a quote I read in the Journal-World article regarding the alcohol tax fund. There is $337,225 available to spend within Lawrence, Kan., and not once have I read that there is an attempt to reduce the litter and debris that accumulates from the sale of the alcohol products.

What I find interesting is that 13 organizations and the police department are to be the recipients of a fund that grows larger each year and there is no "reduction" of trash from parties in neighborhoods and social gatherings at city and county parks.

The growth in the fund each year is because sales of alcohol are up either due to consumption and/or an increase in the price of the product.

Not ONE PENNY is allocated to cleanup of debris in Lawrence neighborhoods, city and county parks. I like parties! I like alcohol! I DISLIKE the trash and litter associated with them!

Not even two weeks into the school year and the 1200 block of Ohio is littered already with broken bottles, plastic cups, cardboard six pack containers and the usual party accessories!

In my opinion, 50 percent ($165,000) of the alcohol tax money receipts should go toward cleanup of Lawrence neighborhoods, downtown Lawrence (Mass. St. and parking lots), Wells Overlook park, Broken Arrow Park and Riverfront Park, for example.

Maybe some of the participants in treatment, intervention and coordination should be assigned daily and/or weekly assignments as part of their "therapy" to clean these public areas in the city and county. Now that is real education!

David Holroyd, Lawrence.

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