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Alcohol tax money spending on tap

Lawrence City Commission agenda highlights

August 21, 2000


Bottom line

City commissioners will be presented with recommendations from the Alcohol Tax Advisory Board on how the city's alcohol tax money should be spent next year. The board recommends spending $469,000, with 60 percent for prevention of alcohol abuse, 20 percent spent on treatment, 10 percent on intervention and 10 percent on coordination. A total of 13 organizations are recommended to get money next year.


The state imposes a 10 percent tax on the sale of liquor. Cities receive 70 percent of the amount collected on sales in their city limits. Next year, Lawrence is estimated to receive $1.1 million from the fund. The city splits the money in thirds. One-third goes toward a special recreation fund. One-third goes to the city's general fund. And the final third is dedicated to alcohol programs.

Other Business


Recognition of city participation in U.S. Army training exercise.

Consent agenda:

Review and approve minutes of Aug. 15 city commission meeting; June 19 Lawrence-Douglas County Health Board; and July 19 Recycling and Resource Conservation Advisory Board.

Approve all claims.

Approve cereal malt beverage license for Godfather's Pizza, 721 Wakarusa.

Approve appointments recommended by the mayor.

Award bids for police uniforms to OMB Police Supply for $30,860 and Law Enforcement Equipment Co. for $5,889.

Award bid for repair on the Roosevelt Fountain in South Park to the low bidder, BA Green, for $57,300.

Award bid for Centennial Park West Shelter to the low bidder, Penny Construction Inc., for $72,818.

Award street, storm sewer, and water line improvements contract for 24th Place from Crossgate Drive to Inverness Drive to R.D. Johnson Excavating for $910,017.

Approve purchase of a new recirculation pump for the utilities department from JCI Industries for $15,500. JCI Industries is the sole source municipal supplier for the specific pump. The pump will replace an existing recirculation pump that is the original pump from 1956.

Set bid opening date of Sept. 5 for storm sewer improvements at Eighth and Pennsylvania streets.

Adopt on first reading an ordinance adopting the 2000 version of the Standard Traffic Ordinance. The city annually adopts the revised version of the ordinance prepared by the League of Kansas Municipalities.

Adopt on first reading an ordinance providing a tax abatement for Sauer Danfoss pursuant to city commission direction of Aug. 15.

Adopt on first reading an ordinance annexing a quarter acre in the right-of-way along Wakarusa Drive, north of Clinton Parkway.

Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance designating Stoneridge Drive from Harvard Road to Branchwood Drive as a collector street.

Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance changing the name of Ironwood Drive to Legends Drive in Ironwood Addition.

Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance allowing the possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor on certain specified public property at the Lawrence Municipal Airport on Sept. 30 between 7 p.m. and midnight.

Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance revising septage facility rates effective Sept. 1.

Adopt a resolution in support of a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit application to the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing by Housing and Urban Real Estate, Inc.

Adopt a resolution authorizing the temporary note and bond sale.

Adopt a resolution establishing Sept. 26 as the public hearing date for the proposed improvement and benefit district for the installation of a traffic signal at Clinton Parkway and Hawthorn Drive/Hartford Drive and related improvements.

Adopt a resolution increasing the estimated project cost for the 27th Street benefit district improvement project to $210,000.

Adopt a resolution increasing the estimated project cost for the Scottsdale benefit district improvement project to $100,000.

Authorize the mayor to sign releases of mortgage for Caroline Reddick of 627 Ohio and Max and Sharon Martin of 904-06 Conn.

Authorize submission of application for Bicycle Friendly Communities program.

City manager's report

Regular agenda:

Receive request from Old West Lawrence Neighborhood Assn. and the Pinckney Neighborhood Assn. concerning proposed triangular curb extensions at Sixth and Alabama streets and Sixth and Tennessee streets for neighborhood signage.

Receive Alcohol Tax Advisory Board recommendations.

Consider adoption of ordinance establishing municipal court fines and fees.

Receive staff report concerning the Downtown 2000 and Lawrence Arts Center project in the 900 block of New Hampshire Street.

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