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Lawrence outpaces national average

Students score high on ACT tests

August 19, 2000


Lawrence students scored higher than the state average on their ACT tests, according to results recently released for the graduating classes of spring 2000.

Students at Free State High School scored the highest, with a 23.2 average composite score. At Lawrence High School, the average composite score was 22.9 The combined average for both schools was 23.

Both schools were above the state average of 21.6. The national average was 21.0. The highest possible score is 36.

"We're very pleased with how well the students did," said Sandy Crowther, executive director of education and planning for the Lawrence public school district.

In the past, Lawrence students have consistently been above the state average in ACT scores, Crowther said. She said the scores are a good measure of how well the students and the school system are doing.

Crowther said she also was pleased with the percentage of seniors taking the tests. At Lawrence High, 62.1 percent of the recent graduating class took the test, while 72.9 percent of Free State's class took it.

The ACT measures skills in English, math, reading and science. A second test, known as the SAT, also is taken by some students. SAT results have not been released.

The ACT is the test generally looked at by most area universities, including Kansas University, Crowther said. Students thinking about attending East Coast schools, such as Dartmouth or Yale, take the SAT, she said.

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