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Appalling ‘stunt’

August 8, 2000


To the editor:

I read the article about Payless Furniture Outlet's "stunt" (Journal-World, Sunday) and am appalled.

Does Bob Fyfe, owner of Payless Furniture Outlet, really think that the taxpayers of this city think it's OK for him and his son to waste tax dollars on tacky promotional stunts? Does he understand that every time a police car speeds to an emergency, there is the risk that people may get hurt, or worse?

Instead of an apology to both the police and the taxpayers of Lawrence, Mr. Fyfe thought it appropriate to defend the wasting of emergency and law enforcement resources on what was the ethical equivalent of pulling a false fire alarm. The LJW article also reported that Fyfe was planning a stunt involving a man dressed up as Adolf Hitler. Since when was the likeness of Adolf Hitler a form of entertainment? Apparently knowing that such a stunt would offend, he then stated "It doesn't matter if people call this offensive or shocking."

Mr. Fyfe could not be more wrong.

Mr. Fyfe expects the taxpaying citizenry to patronize his place of business while he endangers our safety and squanders the city's law enforcement resources. It may come as a surprise to Mr. Fyfe that consumers today are not mindless sheep, and will not just hand over their money to a businessman who thinks offending us and endangering us "doesn't matter." Mr. Fyfe is an irresponsible and unrepentant business owner, and the citizens of Lawrence should find somewhere other than Payless Furniture Outlet to buy their furniture.

Paul Hahn,


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